I will be happy to perform at your event where I will give a captivating and unique presentation and enchant your guests. It does not matter how large the audience is: I can manage equally well several hundred listeners as well as a small gathering.


I love public speaking and I can say that I am addicted to it.

For years, I have been appearing at the most important industry conferences such as InternetBeta, IAB Forum, MailMyDay and I love Marketing.

Many times my speeches ranked as one of the top 3 presentations rated as best by audience.

I share my expertise also as a lecturer at the following universities: the Kozminski University, the AGH University of Science and Technology, the Tischner European University in Cracow and the Collegium Civitas.



Cezary Lech @cezarylech

„Paweł is a top-notch speaker. His presentations are not only well substantiated, but also full of interesting anecdotes that certainly must have inspired quite a few participants to creative and effective activities.”

Artur Kurasiński @kurasinski

„Paweł’s speeches and lectures are always at the highest substantive level. His knowledge of e-mail marketing is unique and admirable. „

Jacek Kotarbiński @kotarbinski

„Paweł has the rare ability to captivate his audience and share his expertise and experience with them. His charisma makes his lectures truly inspirational and valuable.”


Jakub Cyran @jakubcyran

„Paweł Sala is one of the best speakers I know. His speeches are practical, engaging and packed with knowledge.”

Michał Sadowski @sadek

„Paweł’s presentations are one of those that you ask for right after the speech. They contain the know-how that is not readily available – and priceless from the perspective of any online business. At Brand24, we systematically apply the knowledge contained in Paweł’s presentations.”


Aneta Wątor @anetawator

„I had the opportunity to listen to Paweł several times during the largest marketing conferences. I appreciate him not only as the brains behind Freshmail, the application I use myself but also as a professional speaker and lecturer. I like to listen to him as he supports his statements with specific examples, his speeches arouse curiosity and interest.”


Hello, my name is Paweł Sala and for over 10 years I have been an avid evangelizer of the wise use of email marketing. During this time, I have worked with many brands such as L’Oréal, Orange, Triada, Philips, Skoda, Neckermann, Answear, jointly developing the most effective ways to communicate with their subscribers. Our campaigns have been repeatedly awarded and honored at such competitions as Golden Arrow, Mixx Awards, Kreatura or Webstar Festival.

I am the co-founder and managing director of FreshMail, the most popular email marketing tool in Poland – I do hope this is also one of the most friendly solutions that a marketer can use. Every month, tens of thousands of marketers send over 1,000,000,000 messages using FreshMail, which makes me feel very proud.

I am the author of the book titled Świeże podejście do e-mail marketingu [„Fresh approach to e-mail marketing”], and also the co-author of other publications, including the best-selling E-marketing – pakiet startowy [„E-marketing: starter package”] published by PWN.  I also publish in industry magazines such as Marketing in Practice, Marketer+, Modern Management and many others, as well as in industry websites such as Marketing Przy Kawie, Interactive.

I am actively involved in the digital community activities as the co-creator of DIMAQ industry standards or the coordinator of the email branding works at IAB Polska. I am eager to get involved as a mentor for various startup initiatives.

I am Stefan’s dad and Paulina’s husband, with whom I dive during the summer, and indulge in white madness in the winter. In the remaining spare time, we develop our passion for traveling and parachuting



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I will be happy to appear at your event. Mostly, I share my knowledge in the field of e-mail marketing. I usually adjust my speech to the specific needs of your audience, as well as to other speakers.

Moreover, I will happily share my knowledge in the field of broadly understood marketing and entrepreneurship.

When filling in the form, please consider which of the following topics would suit you best:

  • E-mail marketing strategy for a specific industry
  • Effective building of subscriber bases
  • Lead Nurturing: how to automate your communication with recipients
  • How to design an effective newsletter
  • How to use data to optimize email marketing activities.

These are merely suggestions, of course; if you have your own ideas, do not hesitate, contact me.



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